5 Unique Fashion Trends of 2020

While every year brings with it some exclusive fashion trends, 2020 has been particularly exciting. This season celebrates hippie trends, brings back the style of the 70s, and revives some favorite looks. Fashion knows no age or bounds; read on to know more about the five most unique fashion trends of 2020 for all ages and styles – 

Chain Loafer Shoes

By Versace (x)

When you think about loafers, the first thing that pops to mind is “old school.” However, the loafers of 2020 are anything but that. With chain detailing in bright gold or sparkly silver, these loafers are a millennial must-have. Some of these trending loafers come with diamond and rhinestone studs, which will please most 90s fashion lovers. 

What It Looks Like

By Very (x)

Some loafers have chunky chains wrapped around the body and some styles even feature chain detailing around the tip of the shoe. For people who are a bit bold in their style, delicate chains in gold and silver that encircle the ankle of the boot are also available. The top prints for this trend include crocodile print. A big color trend for Spring 2020 is white loafers and yellow gold chain detailing. 

How to Show Off This Trend

By Dillard’s (x)

The best way to show off these reimagined and trendy chain detail loafers is by teaming them up with capri pants. Shorter pants would not only highlight the detailing of the loafers but will also exude a calm and casual street vibe. Shorts are another great way to show off those summer legs and these head-turning shoes. Loafers styled with hidden ankle socks work best, but these chain shoes can also pair with neon socks to add a touch of drama.

Boho Maxi Dress

By One Tribe Apparel (x)

A lot of people were disappointed with the cancellation of Coachella this year and, it turns out, the event is now happening in Fall 2020. Coachella and similar festivals are a great time to celebrate boho culture. Clothing items like harem pants, frilly crop tops, exaggerated silhouettes, unique floral prints, and so many other trends have come to life because of bohemian festivals. One such trend that has made its way to 2020 is boho maxi dresses. 

What It Looks Like

By Made4Walkin (x)

Maxi dresses are traditionally knee-length dresses that are incredibly comfortable and flowy. The current trend in boho maxi dresses is dresses with slits at the front or back and a slouched silhouette. Oversize maxi dresses in beautiful spring floral prints are trending amongst millennials, and a lot of fashion designers are experimenting with this style. As far as sleeves go, lantern sleeves from last year are still fashionable, and capped sleeves are also making a comeback. 

How to Show Off This Trend

BURTON via Getty Images/Chris Polk (x)

Maxi dresses with boho prints work best with oversized belts that cinch the waist of these loose dresses. For the hairstyle, Pinterest inspired flowing locks, half-up hair with effortless waves, and soft braids work best. Most fashion icons over the years have paired maxi dresses with boots of varying lengths – anything from ankles to knees goes. Accessories for boho maxis include tribal-inspired jewelry, mala bead bracelets, and oversized gemstone rings.

Bralette Tops

By FreePeople (x)

The invention of bralettes replaced corsets because corsets were too bulky and would ruin the look of a sheer dress. They were made using handkerchiefs so that a simple dress would look elegant. In the 2000s, bralettes became essential to a beach lover’s wardrobe. Primarily worn as an accessory under thin tops, the bralettes of 2020 are a fashion statement like nothing else and have evolved from being just a necessity.

What It Looks Like

By The Wardrobe Stylist (x)

Bralettes offer minimal support but are much more comfortable than regular bras. While the trend of last year’s Spring-Summer collection was crop tops, this year has combined crop tops with bralettes to give people something in the middle. Combine the comfort of a crop top and the support of a bralette, and you have a bralette top. This top serves both purposes and doesn’t break the bank.

How to Show Off This Trend

By Urban Outfitters (x)

The best way to wear bralette tops is to wear them with high waisted jeans and shorts. They are excellent at displaying that summer workout routine and are also comfortable enough to be worn every day. For people who opt for slightly modest attire, bralette tops with a jean-jacket or a cotton shrug look cool. Chain belts and chunky jewelry pair pretty well with these crop bralette tops.

Monochrome & Duo-Tone Co-ords

By FashionLady (x)

For people who are unfamiliar with what co-ords are, these are matching outfits often sold in sets. The sets can include a top and skirt, capris and crop top, jacket and track pants, leggings, and bralette, etc. The individual items of the outfit are often the same color and print, and co-ords were a big trend last year. While color blocking was trending last year, 2020 seems to be all about the monochromes and duo-tones. 

What It Looks Like

By Overdivity (x)

From an all-black outfit that is still a classic to a pastel tone like mint, co-ords are a wardrobe essential for Spring 2020. The color of the season is minty green, and soft pastels are also pretty popular right now. A matching mint green skirt with an athleisure style jacket could be a fun way to showcase the many trends of the season. Leggings in black & white combined with a bralette top is another great way to combine two popular trends to create something beautiful and eye-catching. A tube top and short shorts are a great beach look to explore this season.

How to Show Off This Trend

By Asos (x)

Whether it’s a black jacket combined with an all-black pair of leggings or a dusty pink tube top paired with tight workout shorts, this trend is the easiest to style. Co-ords classify as “athleisure,” and most stylists match co-ords with white socks and sneaker shoes for a sporty look. Some people prefer to wear braided hairstyles with color-matched co-ords to enforce the athleisure vibe further. Box braids, knotted buns, and high ponytails are trending for 2020 with co-ords.

Dusted Pink Eye Wear

By Coastal (x)

Eyewear can often make or break an outfit. The entire look can be trendy from head to toe, but the wrong piece of eyewear can ruin the whole look. At the same time, wearing the right eyewear with even a basic outfit can elevate the outfit to another level. The current trend in the eyewear niche is ‘Dusted Pink’ eyewear that compliments most skin tones and eye colors.

What It Looks Like

Dusted pink shades work across a wide range of skin tones and end up looking pretty chic and young. No matter what the shape of the glasses may be, as per fashion predictions for 2020, this color would be the next big “neutral.” 

How to Show Off This Trend

By Kate Spade (x)

It is essential to keep this unique piece of accessory the focal point of an outfit. That is why stylists recommend pairing dusted pink glasses with light and pastel shades in the outfit. A beige dress or a white t-shirt and light blue jeans combo would highlight the sunglasses. It is also essential to pick the right frame style. Cat eyes suit round faces by adding some angles while oval frames add balance to long faces.

The best thing about fashion trends is that they are just a suggestion to get creative minds working. Trends should always be improvised depending on the wearer’s style. Blindly following fashion trends is as much a faux pas as not following trends solely for the sake of being unique. Have fun with fashion, and the trends would become guidelines rather than strict rules. Fashion is always meant to be a creative outlet and should be exactly that!