Kamagra Soft Tablets

Kamagra soft tabs are a chewable presentation of the well known Kamagra. It is manufactured under the form of soft tablets meant to be placed under the tongue in order to gradually dissolve into the bloodstream. Because of this, Kamagra soft tabs are considered one of the easiest yet fastest treatment for erectile dysfunction symptoms. Tabs are available in assorted flavors, including strawberry, mint, orange and banana. Kamagra soft tabs share their active ingredient with Viagra and all of its generic versions, making it just as effective but considerably cheaper than its branded counterpart.

Because of its intake method, Kamagra soft tabs offer one of the fastest acting solutions for erectile dysfunction. Taken correctly, Kamagra soft tablets’ effects are noticeable within 15 minutes and may last up to four hours. Kamagra soft tabs are recommended for senior patients because of the easiness of its intake method.


The product is available in several dosages of various strengths. Depending on how serious your ED case is, a doctor will prescribe the right dosage for you. Other factors such as your age, current health condition and weight may play an important role as well. It is important to visit your doctor prior to take Kamagra soft tabs in order to obtain the best possible results and also to avoid the possible onset of side effects.

Side Effects

Kamagra soft tablets have been linked to the onset of side effects after its consumption, read more in this article. Some of the most common side effects reported by patients are headaches, dizziness, facial redness and stuffed nose. These symptoms should disappear within a couple of hours, if it is not the case, please make sure to visit your doctor. More serious side effects have been linked to this product as well, some of them are chest pain, high or low blood pressure and vision or hearing complications. If you experience any of these, refer to your doctor immediately.


In order to enjoy optimal results and avoid the onset of possible side effects it is determinant to follow some simple advices. The fist one is to avoid the consumption of fatty food and alcohol prior to take Kamagra soft tablets, since this two factors may slow down the effects of the medication. Equally important is to take them only as instructed by your doctor.


Tabs should not be mixed with any medication without medical supervision. Drug interactions are an important aspect to consider before taking Kamagra soft tablets, particularly if you suffer from any heart condition and are currently under treatment. The interaction between these tablets and some medications used for heart conditions may lead to dangerous consequences.