Why diet pills are bad

In my last post I wrote why I thought diet pills are good, and in this post I am going to over why diet pills are bad.

Before I get into that I have to say I am a fan of using diet pills and are not against them in any way, but I wanted to hit the flip side of the coin in a two part blog post. So, on with the show…Why diet pills are bad.

From time to time diet pills do get a bad rap. To be more specific the companies that make these pill get a bad rap for putting a supplement or pill that is complete shit. They market the hell out of them and soon enough people are pissed and go back to the “diet pills work.” So why not forget diet pills all together?

Sometimes people get sick from diet pills because either they are shit diet pills or people take to many. Some times people use diet pills as a crutch and think that if they simply take diet pills and eat burgers that they will lose weight.

Bottom line diet pills can be like a fungus. They keep creeping up on you and soon enough you have a full blown fungal infection. So what’s the answer? Well what would you use for a fungal infection?

You’d use an antifungal nail treatment to cure the fungal infection.  You’d probably want to use something all natural and homeopathic like Zeta Clear to take control of the fungal infection and clear it up.